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Twiggs County


“Cpak did a great job upgrading our network. I was impressed with their knowledge. They listened to what we were trying to accomplish, identified areas of concern, and helped paint a clear picture of what was needed. The Cpak team uncovered problems that we had not anticipated and fixed them without deviating from the original timeline. Cpak’s technical staff were very helpful with the skill set transfer of the upgraded network.” —Grady Youngblood, IT Director, Twiggs County


Cpak conducted a network assessment for Twiggs County. A protocol analyzer was placed on the core switch at the locations that were reporting network issues, and an IDS box was placed at the central core to monitor traffic between all locations and the Internet.

The data collected showed many issues at each location including layer 2 switching loops, switch and router configuration errors and duplicate packet errors. Cpak was able to fix these errors and increase network performance. Where a large number of broadcasts had been detected, the network was divided into VLANs to contain them.




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