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The worst time to worry about your IT is after it’s too late. 

Whether its backups, updates, cybersecurity concerns, old equipment, or sub-standard infrastructure, it all needs to be addressed in your business roadmap. If not, you could get an unwelcome surprise.

We solve all of these IT problems and more. Our services include network design & implementation, remediation, disaster recovery, virtualization & cloud solutions, security, server & storage solutions, managed & professional services, and system upgrades & migrations – plus a whole lot more.

We want to be your go-to partner for information technology services. Our skills and experience help your organization achieve its goals more quickly and efficiently. We want to keep you ahead of the pitfalls that can hamstring your business.

System Planning & Design

Designing systems that interoperate fluidly and provide solutions is what Cpak does best. In today’s complex  environments it is a necessary portion of the operations cycle to ensure that additions to your infrastructure will integrate with what you have and take you where your organization will need to go in the future.

Installation & Maintenance

Installation is where the parts go in and the system is brought to life. Cpak’s technical specialists bring their years of experience to the table to ensure the installation process goes smoothly and quickly. Cpak engineers have the industry certifications and experience that you can trust to get the job done right.

Support & disaster Recovery

When you need assistance for your system, Cpak’s trained technicians are only a phone call away. Our tech specialists are available when you need them at competitive rates. We also offer support contracts giving you the flexibility to have the right technician at hand when you most need them.

bottom line: We're problem Solvers

We offer the high tech solutions you need TO be sure Your business runs smoothly — every day.

Data Management • Enterprise Backup • Managed Services • Networking • Cybersecurity • Server & Cloud  • Upgrades & Migrations • Disaster Recovery

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