Secure Your Network From Unwelcome Visitors

Protect Yourself with 24/7 Cybersecurity from Cpak

Security is our top priority

Cpak is a 360° Security Solution for your organization. We provide individual services or system-wide solutions to deter and repel network threats you may encounter. 

Our cybersecurity experts will analyze your network, identify any weaknesses, remediate all issues, and then provide on-going protection and monitoring.

Our experience is extensive — We’ve worked with companies large and small, as well as state & local government entities, to secure their workforce and data.

We aim to lift the burden and risk of cybersecurity from the shoulders of your internal team — freeing them to work on other important business initiatives.

Cpak is ready to manage or assist with nearly any  cybersecurity activities:

  • Email protection;
  • End-point protection;
  • Threat Remediation;
  • Ransomware protection;
  • Backup disaster recovery (BDR) solutions;
  • All accounts include a Master Service Agreements, Fast response times/SLAs;

All of our security packages include fast response times, SLAs and master service agreements — you’ll know that you’re covered from start to finish.


Our process never stops because the threats never stop. With a Cpak Cybersecurity Plan, we monitor your systems 24/7/365 for threats and unusual activity.

In addition to second-by-second monitoring, we regularly assess risks to your network based on the most up-to-date information available to us. We keep you informed about changes that need to be made and work with you to get them implemented.

On a regular schedule, you’ll receive reports and briefings regarding your network health, notifications of irregular or malicious traffic, alerts of from vulnerable equipment — and more. 

We believe in being proactive, not reactive. We’re a bit obsessive about making sure your security systems are up-to-date and protecting you properly.

And, if a security event does happen, our techs will spring into action and ensure your system properly repels the intrusion, or corrects the problem promptly.


Have you been struck by an intrusion, a virus, malware, or even expensive ransomware? We understand the urgency of getting your systems back online quickly.

Our experienced cybersecurity experts can help you with your disaster recovery, restoring your network and backups, or even just consult on the best way to get back online.

Call us today. Any delay could cause additional harm to your systems.


Security isn’t just about thwarting digital threats. Every plan should include physical security preparedness. 

Cpak has close alliances with partners who regularly provide physical security including entry systems, camera & monitoring systems, biometrics, and more.

Cpak can also arrange for professional penetration testing to be performed in coordination with our security experts. We’ll perform a planned attack against your network, facility, and workforce. From this, you’ll get a complete report of any weaknesses you may have — both physically and digitally. With this information, Cpak can provide remediation services to bring your network up to standards.

No matter your business situation, physical security is a concern that should be taken seriously. We can help.

let us handle your security headaches.

Contact us today and a Cpak professional will meet with you for a FREE consultation and discuss how we can help!